Oesterij winter wonder seafood

Oesterij winter wonder seafood

Going out on a weekend date away in a winter time is not something ordinary people do. But when it comes to food and places I want to go to nobody can’t stop me. I and boyfriend decided to go to Zeeland last weekend with friends, turned out a big realization for me that I can’t go traveling with groups not unless I go only with my boyfriend or go only with a friend minus the boyfriend. Well I won’t spoil you with my demanding blah blah with the hotel we stayed IN for the night but I am more excited about this seafood haven I’ve been wanting to go for so long.


Driving to Oesterij is a bit painful thus it is a 2hour drive from Amsterdam. We planned to go on our first day in Vlissingen but due to our friends who are super late, we went the next day with a tolerable hungover and intolerable sleepless night. From Vlissingen to Oeterij would take you 26mins driving. As a big an of Oysters, I would travel for it so I really didn’t mind the well with food in general.




Upon entering the Oesterij shop you will be greeted by a guy who will gladly explain you about lobsters and Dutch imperial oysters.




Two types of oysters are raised in Zeeland: flat Zeeland oysters (Zeeuwse platte) and creuses (Zeeuwse bolle). Both are raised in the Grevelingen and Eastern Scheldt.
The difference between the two is that flat oysters take about six years before they can be eaten while the creuse is fully grown after just two years. Naturally the Zeeuwse platte has an extremely refined flavour and is much rarer.


I love raw oysters plain and simple, I don’t want it to be cooked or do something with it in any kind of way and I could eat dozens of it. Me and my boyfriend decided to order Fruits de Mer so we both can taste the everything, it cost €39 per person which for me  fairly enough and has the choice of 1 lobsters cut in to half, big crab legs, oyters, prawns, mussles cooked in seaweeds and italian herbs and some different sea shells served with brown bread on the side.





I definitely recommend this place for a weekend date away if you are a fan of seafood like me it is worth the trip




Havendijk 124401 NS Yerseke, The Netherlands

Maandag t/m zondag van 10:00 tot 18:00 uur

Maandag t/m zondag van 10:00 tot 18:00 uur


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