Marley Spoon Meal Kit Review is it worth it? | Bibimbap w/ Sticky Ginger-Miso Dressing

Marley Spoon Meal Kit Review is it worth it? | Bibimbap w/ Sticky Ginger-Miso Dressing

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Marley spoon is a German company that started 2014 and has already been catering 6 different countries The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United States, Australia, and Austria. It made me very curious about this box meal thus I myself loved to go to the supermarket so I decided to try something new.  I was skeptical at first because I wanted to order a test box instead of getting a subscription but according to the website, you can cancel whenever you want. This is how it works check Marley Spoon  for more details.

Because I am not willing to do that so, this meal box is delivered by request. I was grateful enough that Marley Spoon  gave me a 2 Meal (box) sample to try. The box that came in is for 2 people with 2 dishes so it means ill be cooking this for tonight and tomorrow.

You are able to choose among 10 new recipes each week, and choosing which recipes work best for you is easy, as Marley Spoon tags each recipe with labels such as “kid-friendly,” “favorite,” and “gluten free” “vegetarian” “healthy choice”

The recipe I’ve chosen is Pork Bibimbap with Sticky Ginger and Miso-dressing and Cuban Beans with bell pepper, mango, and jalapeno (vegetarian dish). Once prepared, both meals offered huge portions that could easily feed two people and then provide leftovers for lunch the next day not unless both of you are hungry.

Marley Spoon is a DIY (do it yourself meal kit) nothing is pre-chopped all the ingredients will be delivered to you, “most of the ingredients are organic or bio” you will prepare and chopped it according to the recipe instructions and this is for the people who want to get cooking.  The recipe cards, which were not only detailed, but had pictures so it is easy to follow for all the novice cook.

Make sure you check all the ingredients listed and also include in the recipe card the extra things you need like salt, pepper and oil. Eacg packaged up in their owb easy to store paper bags.

So here is the recipe video and I hope you enjoy it final verdict is at the end of the video.

Upsides: For novice cook and for people who are busy and no time to go to the grocery after long days work

Meals are different per week (10 recipe option)

You can choose what you cook

Most of the ingredients are organice and bio

Each recipe bag comes with the exact right amount of ingredients

Downsides:  Timing was an issue for me especially when it says the pork needs to be cooked for 5mins well it is pork and pork need to have more cooking time than usual.

40mins spending time in the kitchen for me is too much especially when the recipes called for a lot of utensils, bowls, and cookware—making the meal cleanup one of the hardest part.

Box Details:

  • Price for two-person box with 2 meals €14.90 I think on first order you get a discount more details Marley Spoon plan meal

  • Shipping: No additional charge

  • Weekly dinner recipe options: 10

Verdict: As a professional cook like me, I must say this is not for me and this is my opinion. I like to go to the supermarket myself as it is therapeutic for me. Even there is a lot of recipes to choose from sometimes I’m craving for something else and I don’t want to be obligated that there is a box meal in my fridge. Subscription base meal box is a NO for me. All in all the recipe I’ve made and cooked is very delicious and it is worth a try.

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