Le Cordon Bleu | A dream come true | Parisian life Part 1 of 3

Le Cordon Bleu | A dream come true | Parisian life Part 1 of 3

It’s about time that I posted about Le Cordon Bleu Paris… this post will be a very long one so bare with me.

I’ve been baking for 4months from the comfort of my own kitchen “the kitchen” where I can be myself and not think about anything or anyone in the world except for my knives, stove, oven. I woke up one day and there was this urge feeling that I wanted more, to explore more, push my limits and enter the world of baking (bread making and patisserie).  I always find myself daydreaming of enrolling myself to Le Cordon Blue Paris and due to stupid excuses and insecurities never had the courage to do so. So, last month I headed to Paris for 3days with my boyfriend and enrolled myself in a traditional bread making workshop.

So here’s a quick recap of how it went.

Note: I did NOT consume all these bread. Just most of them. Some I also took with me back in the Netherlands and some we gave them to the landlord at the house we were staying in.

Upon arriving for the first day of the workshop, we were greeted by Chef Frederic Hoel and Assistant Sophie who is doing the translation from French to English and taken up to the kitchen at the 3rd floor that would be our classroom for the next 2 days.

We have our study set which consisted of an apron, a hat, a notebook, a thermal bag and a bread bag that we would take our daily bread products with.

The class started with an introduction to a view of the different kinds of dough (smooth dough, batard dough, and firm dough), and a quick demonstration of the traditional kneading by hand technique. Although all the bread were made using stand mixers, we got to make the first baguettes by hand in order to really understand how the texture should be, and really feel the gluten forming and getting elastic.

Before we got into the day’s bread we learned how to mix the basic baguette dough. For day 1 the other doughs were given to us since they require an overnight rise. We mixed croissant dough before we left for a 24-hour rise. We didn’t make the starter for 2 days isn’t enough. So we were given dough for Brioche, Rustic country style bread ‘pain de campagne “rustique” and French tradition bread ” Pain de tradition francaise” on day 1 and oh boy that is a long day of standing for me.

Photos below on what’s been going on inside the classroom

Part 2 to be continued….


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