Hipster place to be Jacobz Amsterdam

Hipster place to be Jacobz Amsterdam

People say I am a very demanding and difficult person when it comes to food and going into a restaurant. I can be very demanding when my food reaches my table after 20mins or so, well I can’t blame myself when you are exposed to restaurant business for years, and service is important. My former boss told me that in a sit-down restaurant, the longest you could wait is 15mins or less. Well, tonight’s case is not what I expected.

Warning: I am not a pretentious food blogger or a food critic, I am just a human being that loves food and will always has something to say about it. So excuse me for my not so likeable narcisstic ranting behavior.

My boyfriend found this restaurant through this my little black book travel and restaurant guide around Amsterdam. New established restaurant with a good review you think well it must be worth trying. My Disappointments every Valentine’s day through the years just made me gave up on celebrating this Hallmark’s commercialized holiday.

The ambiance of the restaurant was pretty nice. 

The interior is well put up. You will have this fancy vibe hipsters place, don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against them but lucky enough I don’t see a long haired waiter with a long beard with a Bob Marley vibe on them. We sat down ordered a bottle of Veneto wine which I must say absolutely fantastic. Service is quite hilarious for me thus they come up to us after 30mins explaining how the menu works.

We decided to have a full 3-course dinner with choices of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes.


This first course (appetizer) is Pork Belly in bukwheat, a piece of fries, mint and Ice cream with something like a curry sauce on the side. The texture of the pork belly mashed in a buckwheat feels I am eating a organic frikandel at a Febo shop.  I couldn’t understand the logic of this combination of flavors doesn’t make sense at all to me, especially combining it with an ice cream I don’t understand it, and I don’t fucking get it.



Waitress comes to us with the second dish my “in between” dish Artichoke with oyster sauce. I’m a fan of oysters I’ve eaten to some the best restaurant and not so good restaurant that tries to make and re-create something out of this poor little bastard seashell. I couldn’t figure out what happen to this dish, but it is very salty. I can’t appreciate a single bite on this dish. It is like an outburst of salt in my mouth. Didn’t finish the dish and I started to get very grumpy by the minute.



Now moving ahead with the main course Pheasant bird with crispy chicken and vegetable plus seaweed. It’s my first time to try a pheasant bird, was alright for me the pheasant with the sauce on the side was already good enough for me. But combining it with vegetable and the seaweed made it even more salty. All in all, I didn’t enjoy my first-time visit in this restaurant and will never go back again. The food is too pretentious for me and chef’s are trying to be creative with a hipsters touch thus the area is a hipsters place in Amsterdam


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