Digital Detox – What I’ve learned and why do we need it

Digital Detox – What I’ve learned and why do we need it

In a digital era where we replace oxygen with WiFi, the obsessive need to be online 24/7 can be nerve-wracking; 

Organizing, traveling, events, marketing, crunching, late nights, eyes glued to the screen. Meetings, workshops, agreements, networking promoting and speaking. Does this sound familiar to you? This has been my life for the past 4 years since I started Ces Kitchen / This Delicious Side. Although my work has been deeply fulfilling and amazing it’s also been deeply exhausting. 

I have been insecure, depressed and not happy for the most part of my work. It has been really hard to disconnect when everything around us has adapted to the technology age. So I have been on a digital detox for almost a month.

What is Digital Detox?

Digital detox simply refers to a period of time in which you refrain from using any digital communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is a time when you decide to take some time away from all your digital devices and reconnect with your family, friends, and nature in the physical world.

I have learned a lot of things while on my digital detox “specially on Instagram”

1. Not all the people you meet on social are your so called buddies outside the business- NO they are not

2. I did not miss 90% of the kinds of posts there are out there

3. I felt less stressed. There’s something about my brain constantly consuming content and the constant scrolling that makes me feel frazzled. I also don’t need to feel bad about myself for not living up to someone else’s highlight reel

4. One of the best – and most unexpected – outcomes was that I slept better than I had in months thanks to all the supplements I’ve been taking from Holland and Barret

5. The most important thing is finding “BALANCE” Yes, I’m glad I did the detox. I think I needed it and my head feels a lot clearer for it. But I’ve also learned that I’m never going to be able to give up social media for good. Giving all that up just isn’t something I’m interested in doing. I just have to accept that this is my work and my life. I just need to be mindful and be in the present if I needed to.

If you want to see and feel things you have not seen and felt for a long time, try to unplug sometimes. It makes you realize a lot of things about your habits, and also can just be a nice break from all the online noise. Plus, it’s good to challenge yourself once in a while, right??




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