Da Zero Pizzeria – Milan

Da Zero Pizzeria – Milan

One of the best thing in life is Pizza! Who doesn’t fucking love Pizza? And I am in Italy the land of pasta and pizza – but I tell you not all pizza here in Italy are the same. Pizza is always a complicated matter with great discussions about innovation and tradition and every time I travel around Italy I am always looking for the perfect Pizza aside from having the best one in Naples which is of course the Pizza Napoletano, but what I am talking about her good pizza outside Naples.

To my surprise there is one Pizzeria that I myself can vouch that they are one of the best here in Milan. Da Zero Pizzeria is located Via Bernardino Luini, 9, 20123 Milano. At the Da Zero Pizzeria, you can find both in a nice location with very nice people. The hardest part for a good pizza is the digestion but here you dont have any issue about it 

Sourced ingredients, light dough and with an extensive pizza menu ranging from Italian classics to more adventurous pizzas featuring produce from suppliers. Great atmosphere with a craft beer and a good wine selection. Far less touristy and definitely a place for second visit.


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