Acquasanta – From Sea to Table at it’s finest but not for the hungry stomach

Acquasanta – From Sea to Table at it’s finest but not for the hungry stomach

When I visited Rome last year, my friend and I wanted to visit and try this restaurant for a very long time. They just have opened last year and the line was long and also its always full. We are like what’s the fuss with this restaurant? So fast forward to today – we have decided to finally make a reservation since I’ll be here in Rome for a couple of days.

Acquasanta is located at the heart and vibrant district of Testaccio in Rome. The first thing you notice when you enter the restaurant is the ambience and the interiors, it’s elegant, vibrant and intimidating. The only thing that it didn’t feel right for me are the fake plastic plants inside the restaurant would have been nicer if they have put real plants. The table settings are gorgeous, and well thought.

The menu and the wine list are extensive, We took one dish of each courses it was delicious, flavourful and it won’t disappoint you indeed the fish is not only fresh but also of high quality. Upon sitting they have served us an amuse bouche of tartare on a puff up bread. Because we were so curious about this restaurant we have decided to take one dish per course so for our starter we have ordered Squid & “vignarola” salad and Octopus, pak-choi, sour cream & powdered ‘nduja

Squid & “vignarola” salad
Octopus, pak-choi, sour cream & powdered ‘nduja

For our main course Sole, seasonal tubers & mustard ice cream reduction and Chargrilled Shi drum, beetroots & orange sauce.

Sole, seasonal tubers & mustard ice cream
The chargrilled shi-drum is a bit over cooked and chewy for my liking

For our final course which I can tell “an out of this world” dessert a Dark chocolate, honey mustard and hoarfrost rocket. Upon having my first bite it exploded in my mouth like a rocket ship and with every bite it gives me this cold chocolate sensation which is unexplainable. It is by far the best chocolate dessert I’ve had in a long time.

Dark chocolate, honey mustard and hoarfrosted rocket

All in all we have enjoyed our time but this restaurant is not for the hungry stomach the portion is very small and its not a sharing plate. This is all about the experience but because I have gone to a lot of restaurant like this, I am not impressed at all. And don’t get me wrong but there is just a high level of pretentious aura on every plate.

The service is very attentive, courteous and welcoming but expect to pay €€-€€€ for 2 people including a bottle of wine it is quite expensive to be honest and definitely this is not your typical fine dining dinner on a regular day.

Will I come back again? NO

Acquasanta is located at Via Aldo Manuzio 28
Roma, 00153
Tel: 06 45550020

Reservation is a must

Cena | Lun – Sab | 19 – 23
Pranzo | Mar – Dom | 13 -15

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