A Casa Mia – Hidden treasure and real taste of Tuscany

A Casa Mia – Hidden treasure and real taste of Tuscany

I am one of those people that will tell you in full confidence that when you live in Tuscany expect that you will definitely eat well and drink well. It’s like having a love affair with someone that you keep coming back for more. A perfect combination of landscape, art, culture and food. 

And one of the reason why I love Italian culture is that they have this love for long sit down meals either for lunch or dinner. Being invited to eat with the family, a friend’s house or eat at a restaurant is an expression of love, affection, and warmth.

So when you get invited to eat with Italians expect to spend 5hours on the dining table with them. Italians do not put different foods together on one plate, instead they eat in courses and I was so ready for this.

Yesterday evening my special friend invited me to join him and meet his closest friends for a dinner. We went to A Casa Mia a local Tuscan restaurant tucked away in a quiet little village 30 minutes away from Florence. It is a very small 6 table restaurant but because of the new rule here in Italy due to COVID the commune of the town allowed them to open a dining area in the piazza next to the restaurant.

We started our meal with a big serving of different kinds of Antipasti. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a wide selection land on our table. It should be noted that if you are coming for 2 people order 1 portion for 2 because the serving is huge, enough to fill your stomach even before considering any of the primi piatti or main courses. 

And of course what is Tuscan dinner without a jug of local wine –  Another notable touch was the bottle of Chianti waiting for you at the table. So please don’t expect any long wine list here because what’s on the table is on the table.

We ordered some pasta dishes to share which is absolutely superb, fresh and delicious and made with local produce in the area. I described it as simple but tasty ingredients. And with no exageration this has to be one of, if not the best pasta I’ve had in Italy.

And one of the highlights of our first course was the Gnocchi al Tartufo with cream parmesan it was just a marriage of two heavenly flavours.

What’s special about this restaurant is the food is served right in the pan, straight from the kitchen. The menu is fairly limited but they had several great specials. The waiter and the owners are so friendly and hospitable that it makes you feel you are dining in someone’s home – with a familiar warm feeling of your mother. And for our final course we ordered a mixed of Tuscan pastries served on a huge plate its like what’s a good end of dinner without a dessert and coffee for Italian people.

This was a dinner with friends to be remembered for its warmth, laughter, love, and… the delicious food that we shared. The name truly sums up the spirit of this place “A casa mia” “at my house” it seems to be really you are at home. I was pampered and spoiled with good food like I have never felt like even in the most chic restaurants and I will definitely come back again.

oh by the way reservation is a MUST!

expect to pay €-€€ including wine and drinks

Address: Via Santa Maria a Macerata, 4, 50026 San Casciano in Val di pesa FI, Italy

Phone  +39 055 824 4392

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